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          Foshan Lecon Internet Technology Limited Company was born from a dream. Lecon was established as an e-commercial company by Shunde Hantai Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd in 2011. Now Lecon totallly have 60 online shops in Tianmao Mall, 12 online shops in Jingdong Mall and 8 online shops in Suning. The monthly sales volume of Lecon in TianMao keeps growing for 20 months. Now as a Top4 sales of kitchen equipement in TianMao, the sales volumes continuous increase for 20% every month.


          •   May 10, 2017 was Chinas first "Chinese Brand Day". CCTV Financial Channel announced the list of the first "CCTV China Brand List".

              The first batch of finalist brands announced were selected from four major categories of consumer products such as food and beverages, clothing and footwear, household appliances, and mobile phones.

              In terms of household appliances, there are 50 short-listed names, and 9 companies in Shunde have been short-listed. We have made great efforts and are among the first batch.

          R & D CENTER

          In July 11th, the Foshan Municipal Commerce Bureau announced the new and reviewed list of Foshan electronic commerce demonstration base (Park) and Foshan electronic commerce demonstration enterprise in 2017, and confirmed the new 3 bases as "Foshan e-business demonstration base", and The "Lecon Science and Technology Park" project created by Lecon is now recognized and supported by the government.

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